Women’s Leadership Luncheon to be Held at Meadow Brook Hall

Women’s Leadership Luncheon featuring Auburn Hills Councilwoman Anne Doyle will take place Sept. 12, at 11 a.m. at Meadow Brook Hall.

The Auburn Hills City Chamber hosts many events in collaboration with the lead sponsor of the event, Oakland University. Events in the area often involve the school because it is a vital part of the city, according to City Manager Peter Auger.

“As a business (OU) employs at lot of people; as an educational institution it educates thousands of students a year to be a productive part of our community,” Auger said. “A very high rate of OU students stay in our region to build their robust careers and raise their families in a safe, amazing area.”

A day of food, networking and a presentation by Doyle in the home of female leader and pioneer Matilda Dodge Wilson will help both women and men learn more about developing female leadership, according to Denise Asker, Executive Director for Auburn Hills.

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