Nice ‘stache: students show off their facial fuzz for No-Shave November, Movember

Stephanie Sokol for The Oakland Post

With the efforts of Movember to “change the face of men’s health” by building awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues, according to the Movember informational website, many Oakland University men have been growing out their whiskers. Some men participate in the annual trend, while others claim to always have facial hair.

“I’ve had this the last two-three years,” Junior Nick Land said about his facial hair. “I think I’d look weird without it, like a baby.”

There were many variations of facial hair around campus, though few opted for a lone mustache.

The top choice was the goatee-moustache combination. Other men chose to style their facial follicles in the look of a chin curtain, soul patch or goatee alone.

Junior Zachary Walters said he plans to shave most of his grizzly growth by the end of the month but will keep the goatee.

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