Month: February 2013

  • Constant connection: the psychological impact of social media

    Stephanie Sokol for OU News Bureau More people are using social media and they’re spending hours longer on those sites when they get there. Mashable reports the time spent on social media has hit 6.9 hours per month — more than double the time since 2006. And more than half of Americans have a social media […]

  • The real reason I look at adorable animals.

    When I open up my laptop, I have every intention of getting things done. I have everything I need to do written down, in my poor handwriting, on a random sheet of paper. I turn the computer on, and wait for it to load. The second I open  my browser, something happens. Productivity goes down the […]

  • Global Brigades expands volunteer efforts, creates new chapter

      Stephanie Sokol for The Oakland Post The Oakland University Global Brigades chapter, formed in 2010, gives students the opportunity to volunteer and travel out of the country to help the people of Honduras and Panama. Laura Collier, adviser and founder of Global Brigades at OU, sees the group growing from four to all nine […]

  • Nice ride

    Stephanie Sokol for The Oakland Post The parking lot of Oakland University is full… of personality. The parking areas hold a variety of vehicles, from mid-size sedans and pick-ups to station wagons, SUVs and cars. Some people, however, want their car to stand out. A 1999 Chevy Tracker can be found dolled up and parked […]