Nice ride

Stephanie Sokol for The Oakland Post

The parking lot of Oakland University is full… of personality. The parking areas hold a variety of vehicles, from mid-size sedans and pick-ups to station wagons, SUVs and cars. Some people, however, want their car to stand out.

A 1999 Chevy Tracker can be found dolled up and parked in P1. Junior Dawn


Doliber added some glitz to her automobile with the addition of Car Lashes.

With a half-hour commute to school, Doliber wanted to glam up her vehicle.

“I saw them (the Car Lashes) online on a different car and decided to order them,” she said. “When I’m driving, I see people taking photos of my car. One time a cop pulled me over to tell me she liked my Car Lashes.”

A Batmobile can also be seen driving around campus. Sophomore Jack Duquette of Rochester Hills turned his yellow vehicle into something more with some simple detailing to add a superhero edge.

IMG_4717“Who doesn’t want to drive a Batmobile?”  Duquette said. “I bought a yellow car, and what goes better with yellow than black? I wanted a car that I could have fun with.”

A dragon action figure sits on the hood of junior Caleb Balk’s 2004 Saab 9-3. The action figure was part of a collection he and his brothers had as children. This is the third vehicle he has placed it on.

At first, Balk didn’t know if he wanted to put it on his latest car, but he still liked IMG_4728it and decided to continue the tradition. To keep it in place, Balk installed rubber gaskets and drilled it into the hood.

“When my brother said I should put the dragon on my car, I thought it was a good idea,” Balk said. “It reminds me not to take life too seriously, no matter what’s going on.”

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