The real reason I look at adorable animals.

When I open up my laptop, I have every intention of getting things done. I have everything I need to do written down, in my poor handwriting, on a random sheet of paper. I turn the computer on, and wait for it to load. The second I open  my browser, something happens. Productivity goes down the drain, and I find myself typing urls for Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, KittyFlix and Twitter, all for the sake of finding adorable animal images and videos. When I look at the clock

photo courtesy of /
photo courtesy of /

after what seems like a few minutes later, I am astonished to see that a couple of hours have passed.

I do not know what it is about cute kittens and puppies that keep me coming back for more. I’m sure many people have removed me from various social networks from the obnoxious amount of photos I’ve shared.  And I am all right with that.

Fortunately, studies released a while ago have shown that my addiction is a good thing. Looking at pictures of adorable animals actually leads to an increase in speed and productivity at work. This explains a lot about my life.

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