‘Curious Critters’ exhibit to be featured at Stoney Creek Nature Center

Stephanie Sokol for The Oakland Post

The critters are coming.

Courtesy of David FitzSimmons
Courtesy of David FitzSimmons

Stoney Creek Nature Center will be filled with the works of Sigma Pro Nature Photographer David FitzSimmons, from March 26 to April 24.

The 24, 2-by-3-foot print photographs feature animals against white backgrounds, which FitzSimmons said expresses his love of nature and helps others appreciate it.

“I really enjoy interacting with animals,” FitzSimmons said. “I make a closer connection with nature, almost always photographing animals from eye level.”

The exhibit will be the first of its kind held at Stoney Creek’s new Nature Center building, according to Mark Szabo, Stoney Creek Metro Park Interpreter. The new facility, built five years ago, replaced the old home that had been there since 1964, which he said was not ideal for hosting this type of event.

“We’ve been in this building for about five years and this is something we’ve always wanted to do,” Szabo said. “(The new building is) big enough to keep the exhibit up for a month while still providing school programs. It’s such a beautiful space.”

FitzSimmons and Szabo met at a nature conference, where Szabo was performing nature songs.  He noticed FitzSimmons’ booth with the books, and talked to him about hosting the photo exhibit at Stoney Creek.

The exhibit was based off FitzSimmons’ children’s book, “Curious Critters.”

Courtesy of David FitzSimmons
Courtesy of David FitzSimmons

After taking the photos for Sigma Pro, he decided to make them into a book to share them with young people.

During the exhibit, the Nature Center will also be hosting photo workshops April 13 and 14. For $5 admission, people to learn “the basics of outdoor photography,” according to a press release from Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

“It’s something different,” Szabo said. “Most of our visitors are repeat visitors so we have to continue offering new things to keep people visiting. What (the event) really provides is photography done differently. David isolates animal using white background. The exhibit fits our mission and is just another way to get people into nature.”

For more of FitzSimmons’ photo project, visit www.curious-critters.com.

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