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The weather is getting cooler, the wind is picking up and the days are getting shorter. Summer is on its way out—which means it is time for fall fashion.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Sweater weather is amazing – really, who doesn’t enjoy cuddling up in a cozy sweater, with a cup of warm spiced cider and gazing at the leaves changing shades? Transitioning from summer to autumn in style is easier than ever this year, because almost anything goes this season. A few essential, inexpensive pieces create a great wardrobe base that can be personalized with the wearer’s favorite trends.


When worn properly, leggings can be chic and sexy. Pair them with a long sweater and lace-up boots to stay warm and cozy on a cool fall afternoon. Stick to dark hues for versatility, like Vera Wang’s Kohl’s line “Simply Vera” black leggings on sale for $15.99.

A good pair of pants, whether denim or comfy cotton, is essential to any wardrobe. Find the right jeans to flatter your figure. Dark washes in jeans flatter everyone; taller people can wear bell bottoms, while skinny or straight jeans flatter those who are on the shorter side. Old Navy has men’s and women’s comfy jeans for a great price. For young women, The Diva Skinny Ankle Pant, that can be worn dressy or informal, and flatters every figure. Pac Sun also carries cool jeans for guys, in a variety of styles and colors.

There’s nothing more important to a wardrobe than good shoes. You need your feet to work, so keep them comfortable with quality footwear. A good pair of flats, whether a moccasin or embellished leather shoe—is crucial to any young woman’s clothing collection and works well with every outfit, and sometimes investing a little more in this area is advisable. Ann Klein loafers are comfy and provide good foot support, while still keeping the wearer stylish.

Both men and women can benefit from a good quality moccasin. Minnetonka moccasinsare more casual, made from comfy suede available in a variety of colors and styles. Well the shoes aren’t cheap ($30-$45), they last a long time and always give you your money’s worth in wear. Sneakers are also great shoe for everyone; get a nice dark pair for those weekends spent at the apple orchard.

A denim jacket is another necessity for fall weather. Whether you want a

Denim jackets are great for men and women, and can be found in a variety of shades, fits and washes. Photo/Esquire
Denim jackets are great for men and women, and can be found in a variety of shades, fits and washes. Photo/Esquire

dark wash, or colored denim, this item is timeless and works with a variety of looks. Layer it with a dress to add a casual vibe, or pair it with pants to add more structure to a look. Just try to avoid the “denim suit” ensemble.

Thrift stores, like Plato’s Closet or Salvation Army are a great place to find a great jean jacket at an even greater price. If you have the time, check one out, or hit up the clearance rack at your favorite department store. With coupons and savings, I found a purple Jessica Simpson jean jacket marked down to about 70 percent off. Putting in time is rewarding – there’s nothing better than finding an amazing bargain on a quality clothing item.

So as the temperature starts to grow chillier, don’t be left in the cold. These wardrobe essentials help transition, providing a great style start to a new season.

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