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One of fall’s biggest trends is denim. Carried over from last summer, the look still remains a hit in many stores, where shelves are stocked with denim button-downs and jackets. Options for denim are endless. Layer your favorite summer-style denim items for a stylish look, wear a comfy denim button-down for effortless style or add a jean jacket to structure a simple outfit.


Button-down denim shirts, like these chambray tops from Madewell, are essential to any wardrobe. Denim shirts are sold in a variety of washes, in prices to fit any budget. A bright scarf is a great way to accentuate the look, adding a pop of color and warmth.


Longer denim button downs, like this top from the Gap outlet, are great when styled with leggings, for a 1980s vibe. If the shirt is too lose, a belt accentuates the waste and adds structure. This look is great…

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