Candy Cane Lane: a taste-tea holiday treat

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The holidays are just around the corner– which means great food and delicious desserts. And a tasty meal or snack is not complete without the perfect cup of tea. Celestial Seasonings’ “Candy Cane Lane” Holiday Tea is a naturally sweet peppermint decaffeinated green tea that brings nostalgia with its holiday taste.

To prepare this beverage, take one tea bag and place it in your favorite tea cup or festive mug. Heat up your water to almost boiling, then pour onto the tea. Add sweetener or honey if you desire, but the tea’s vanilla mint blend is naturally on the sweeter side, so it tastes great even without. Drink it hot to warm up after a day in the cold, or add ice and more tea over four cups water to prepare a pitcher of the fresh, cold drink.

Living up to its name, the tea almost tastes like liquid candy…

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