Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger: a rooibos tea with a bite

There’s something about the taste of ginger and citrus– it’s a tasty blend. Tazo’s Organic Spicy Ginger meshes those flavors with lemon verbena, chamomile, fennel and licorice, to blend with a smooth green rooibos tea. The combination is tasty, a full flavor that stays with you after each sip.

To prepare this tea, boil water, and bring to 212 degrees (these are the directions on the box, I usually just let the boiling water sit for about 8 minutes). Steep for about 5 minutes for a smooth ginger taste, or add a little more time for a stronger spice. Add sweetener if desired; it tastes good either way.


When I sweetened it, I used a teaspoon of pure honey, which has health benefits in addition to tasting great. Ginger itself is a great addition to any diet. According to WebMd, the herb has many benefits, including intestinal and stomach…

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