The Inaugural Kitten Bowl. Photo/HALLMARK
The Inaugural Kitten Bowl. Photo/HALLMARK

Stephanie Sokol for The Pit

Things got frisky this afternoon at one of the most important moments in sports history, the Inaugural Hallmark ChannelKitten Bowl. The North Shore Bengals took home the first ever Kitten Bowl Championship, beating the Cedar Cove Cougars 24-20.

The first game brought hard work with The Bengals’ Ferrell Owens and Manti Meow leading their team to victory, defeating the Last Hope Lions 40-35, after the Lions faced a hairball loss at the end.

Next up, the Cedar Cove Cougars versed Home and Family Felines to find out who would go up against the Bengals. With Tomcat Brady’s unending strength on the field, Cougars took the game.

Despite the pawsitive cattitude of their star running-cat, the Cougars fell short when they went up against the Bengals. The game was close though, with strong purrformances by both teams.

The Bengals seemed to be in the lead at 13-10 following the first half, but the Cougars pounced back, with the lead going back and forth until the Bengals’ strength and purrsistance on the cat grass earned them the championship title within the last moments of the game.

Though many kittens played with purrfection at tonight’s game, showing their strength on the Hallmark field, the Kitten Bowl left it up to fans’  vote to decide the MVK (Most Valuable Kitten) of the Night.

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