Pop artist Vid Taylor reveals latest work, “The Times Newsaic”

Artist Vid Taylor’s latest project is newsworthy. Through ‘The Times Newsaic,” he transformed New York Times clips into something new– a series of collage pop art works.

The Times Newsaic.  (PRNewsFoto/Vid Taylor)

“(Through The Times Newsaic) I would like people to reflect on the world around them and the chaotic manner in which we are constantly barraged with ideas, images, and media on a daily basis,” Taylor said.

For Taylor, art has always been a part of life. From visual to performance, he got involved at a young age, going on to earn his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2003. He currently runs New York Pop Art Station Popboompow

“I have always been drawn to pop art – The pop influence is more apparent in my other work – ‘The Hot Sauce Project’ – The Times Newsaic is Pop – in that I am utilizing the screen printing technique made famous by the pop artists – and in that it draws from the news and pop culture as source – though at the end of the day I view the Newsaics as more simply contemporary art,” Taylor said.

When composing each creation, Taylor starts out by carefully studying each paper for three to four hours, searching for intriguing and interesting content. He then decides what to use based on what’s happening in the world, in addition to what is highlighted or advertised in the issue– always looking for things he considers inspirational.

After consuming the information in each paper and narrowing down the sections, he spends another four to five hours ripping it, then scanning the shreds for two hours, rebuilding the work digitally for another four to five hours and spending about 8 hours in the studio on the “realization of the physical art,” using clips in and out of context to create the final product.

“As an Artist – the allure of this work for me is multi-faceted from all fronts – historic, poetic, philosophic, aesthetic, technologic, and beyond,” Taylor described the project in Artist Statement. “The overarching philosophy behind the work runs through all facets and is not only informed by them – but defines them as well. The following is a glimpse into my thoughts and explorations that have continuously kept me inspired to remain relentless in the creation of this body of work.”

At the same time, Taylor is working on “The Hot Sauce Project,” in addition to utilizing Kickstarter to earn the funds necessary to properly display his works at New York’s Select Fair and Frieze Art Week, May 8-11 at the Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street, in Manhattan.

The projects are expensive and take up much time, so he is seeking financial assistance to help him reach his art goals. Taylor wants to take the project further, and said if he raises the necessary funds, he would like to publish a book and some special additions of his works.

“I am looking forward to the additional exposure for this body of work. I believe in this project – and it’s potential – and I hope others will see something within it that strikes them personally,” Taylor said.

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