Indie pick of the week: Antevorta

Hailing from Metro Detroit, Antevorta considers themselves “divergent and distinct” in the music world, and could be considered part of the metal, punk/hardcore scene, though they don’t believe in labels.


While the band was formed two years ago by vocalist and lyricist Carter Jones, the current line up, who have been together for about three months, includes Guitarist Bradley Frey, Bassist Andrew Demercurio and Drummer Geoff Walchak.

Jones, frontman for the group, writes songs for Antevorta, who recently made music a full-time gig. “Antevorta,” the ancient Roman goddess of the future, seemed like the perfect name for the group, who “see music as the longest lasting component of our lives.”

“Emotionally-engaging music is what we desire to create, and we feel as if we’re doing it,” Jones said. “Whether it be making someone cry, or making them want to set fire to something, as long as there is some interaction with our music, we believe we’re doing something right.”

One of Antevorta’s older tracks, “Of Stimulant,” was written about Jones’ future in music and the importance this passion has in his life.

The band’s 5-track EP is scheduled for physical release this spring. In comparison to their older songs, the newer music has an updated sound, which Antevorta said “are the 5 songs at this point that best provide what’s necessary to introduce us as a band,” resonating well both live and on recording.

The new tracks brought influence from not only Jones, but the instrumentalists as well. “Narcoleptics Anonymous” was composed collectively by all current band members.

When they write a song, they “find something they like and run with it,” often starting with a riff and going from there, recording all songs on their own equipment.

“Our inspiration comes from various facets,” Frey said. “Aside from aural influences, much of our inspiration comes from the lives we lead along with the times and places we find ourselves in concurrently. Distaste for the masses, interest in governmental and judicial topics, societal addictions, theology, and celestial exploration are a few of the reoccurring topics found in our music, or rather, our minds.”

While they find influence in many places, other music also inspires the band. Some artists they admire include Grizzly Bear, Alexisonfire, Cudi, Animals as Leaders, Prince and Tides of Man to name a few.

Antevorta will debut their EP live at their first show, Saturday, April 26th, at Transitions Skatepark in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. In addition to the release and show, they eventually plan to release a music video, in addition to hosting promotions and bringing more live performances.

“We are consciously allowing ourselves to cater to as many different recipients as possible, so if you listen to our music and you like it, tell us and we will come to you,” Jones said. “As much as we like practicing and perfecting, we want to share this with you more than anything. The live setting is what the past two years has been all about. A recording is a recording. To share the music from human to human, in such a close capacity, is beautiful and makes us anxious.”

To keep up with Antevorta, like them on Facebook, and check out their Youtube Channel.

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