Oakland University to Host Fifth annual Brooksie Way 5K and Marathon

The roads close off to incoming traffic at 7:15 a.m. Music plays and people line up at the starting line. Excitement is in the air as runners and walkers arrive to pick up their racing bib and prepare for the race. On Sept. 30, the fifth annual Brooksie Way Half Marathon will provide a challengingContinue reading “Oakland University to Host Fifth annual Brooksie Way 5K and Marathon”

Detroit is going to work on renovations

The Palace of Auburn Hills announced they will spend $15 million on building updates including suites, player locker rooms and remodeling the main concourse level that serves all guests attending events, among other things. The full story.  

Oakland University Reaches Toward Success at the Telly Awards

Oakland University “reached beyond the ordinary,” taking home a Bronze Award at the 33rd Annual Telly Awards for their latest commercial. The 60-second television spot, produced as part of OU’s new ad campaign by Bloomfield Hills marketing firm Real Integrated, was judged and awarded in the local TV and cable category in education. Out of overContinue reading “Oakland University Reaches Toward Success at the Telly Awards”

Hug the Hall at Meadow Brook

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uH8B45wKok&list=UUDR9KR9Bf0Yu1EFaVKERF7w&index=2&feature=plcp To celebrate Meadow Brook being named a National Historic Landmark, the hall hosted an event that included live music, hall tours, a picnic lunch, vintage car rides and a balloon release.

EDITORIAL: Weighing in: In for a penny, in for a pound

At the end of May, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg proposed a soda ban to limit the amount of sugary drinks citizens can purchase. Within weeks, fast food chain Burger King released their latest dessert, the bacon sundae. In today’s health-centered economy, these kinds of mixed messages are all too confusing. When you turn onContinue reading “EDITORIAL: Weighing in: In for a penny, in for a pound”

Plastomer Lighting Technologies Receives $50,000 boost with help from OU INCubator

The Macomb-OU INCubator works through the University to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with funding and planning. Recently, the INCubator assisted in and gained their client Plastomer Lighting Technologies a $50,000 boost from the Business Accelerator Fund of the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center. “Plastomer Lighting Technologies needed to meet the milestones ofContinue reading “Plastomer Lighting Technologies Receives $50,000 boost with help from OU INCubator”

Education Under Fire

Oakland University Journalism and Communications professor Adina Schneeweis hosted the event and screening of the documentary “Education Under Fire” on Thursday, Mar. 22, 2012. The film discussed the Iranian government’s blocking of education for members of the bahai community and how the youth dealt with the situation. Speakers discussed the topic and discussion arose atContinue reading “Education Under Fire”

Technology Generation

Technology plays a role in everyone’s daily lives. Generation Y is a prime example of that, often being called the “Tech Generation.” This group was raised with technology and using it has become routine for most people; checking email or facebook is almost the equivalent of brushing your teeth or eating in some people’s lives.Continue reading “Technology Generation”