Technology Generation

This generation is unique; a generation raised on technology. Most people born in the’ 80s and ’90s probably can’t remember a day before cell phones; a time before life events weren’t official until they were recorded online. Technology is now part of most life experiences, including social interaction, research and education.

While innovations have helped society progress, they are also holding people back. Studies show that people are less intelligent with the presence of technology in their lives. Technology distracts students from responsibilities.

In a random sample I took of students age 18-27, 50% surveyed to logging on facebook 5-7 times a day, 45% ten or more times a day and 5% only once a day. Technology tends to take over students’ lives. Online social networking can be helpful, though websites like facebook and twitter often lead to anxiety and depression as people compare themselves to others in the artificial world.

My project was inspired by the Frontline study “Digital Nation”, regarding the interactions of technology with this generation. I personally have felt the effects, both positively and negatively.

I focused on sophomore Rachel Moulden as the main subject, because she had always stressed strong opinions regarding how much technology impacted her both negatively and positively.

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