Digital First Media 

Daily Papers

Mount Pleasant Morning Sun front page, 7.27.14 

Front page for Mount Pleasant Morning Sun daily newspaper, July 27, 2014.

Heritage Papers

News Herald inside photospread, page 20A

An inside community page I designed for News Herald; photospread of the Wyandotte Parade.

News Herald 4.20.14, “Today” section front, page 3-A

The “Today” section front page for Heritage News Herald Sunday Edition, April 20, 2014.

Grosse Ile Camera 4.10.14, page 10 photospread

A fun fish fry photospread I designed for Ile Camera.

Voice Papers

Armada Times 5.28.14, news front A-1

Front page for Armada Times, one of the Voice Publications.

Blue Water Voice 5.28.14,_Inside page A-9

Inside page for Blue Water Voice.

Voice North Macomb 4.30.14, news front A-1

Front page for Voice North Macomb, a 20-page publication I designed.

Source Papers

Source Sterling Heights 4.13.14, news front A-1

My first time working in the Alternative Editorial System, I designed the Source Sterling Heights paper (during the publication’s redesign) . Above is the front page design.

The Oakland Post

Page 14 local 3.14 Cupcakes

I designed this page for the local section of The Post.

Page 15 local 3-20 Construction

I designed and wrote/photographed the story for this page.

Page 15 local 3.13 Leprechaun

I photographed and designed this photospread to cover a local St. Patrick’s Day-themed marathon.

Onyx Ice Arena

During my time as a front desk assistant, one of my projects was to redesign the Activity Schedule. I redesigned the schedule through the end of 2014. Here are some samples:

November Activity Schedule

January Activity Schedule 

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