Patterns, Peplum, Boots and Blazers: Update Your Autumn Wardrobe With a Few Key Pieces

Stephanie Sokol for the Patch

This fall brings a lot of great styles. Patterned clothing, peplum tops, low booties, stylish scarves and blazer jackets are some of the easiest ways to update your look for fall. As the weather starts to change, bring your wardrobe back to style by adding a few of these great investment pieces.

Carrying the tradition of the past few seasons, patterns remain a crucial part of style this fall. Geometric and animal-adorned looks, like this striped sweater from Forever 21 or this cat-print topfrom Lord and Taylor are a fun fad. Limit pattern to one or two pieces in an outfit, however, to avoid clashing.

As seen on the Style Network, “flomo,” a hybrid of floral and camo, is a blurred version of last season’s flower-filled outfits.

Plaid flannel, like the pattern found on this Pac Sun shirt, adds a sense of casualness to an outfit, while houndstooth materials are clean and classy.

Peplum tops are a great style. Their flared out style flatters the figure for a fun and fabulous formal look. Unlike a typical T-shirt, these tops have more style to them, with their umbrella-like shape.

Stores like Macy’s and Forever 21 carry great peplum tops at a reasonable price. Pair them with slick skinny jeans for a casually fashionable look.

Blazers are another great trend right now. In a variety of different lengths, colors and materials, this simple piece adds instant style to an ordinary look.

While dressy blazers and pantsuits are an important staple for everyone’s wardrobe, there’s a lot of comfortable cotton or polyester blazers for business casual events. Sears carries a great blazer for under $20, in a variety of colors.

Feel like your look needs some pizazz? Neckline accessories like scarves and collars are an instant update to any outfit.

H&M carries cute collars. While they are a little expensive, collars are an awesome investment. If you’re feeling innovative, many sites, like fashion blog Refinery29 and other YouTube fashion bloggers, give examples and instruction on how to make your own.

Scarves are another autumn and winter must-have accessory. Make a statement while adding warmth, with chic patterned scarves or comfy wool infinity scarves.

No outfit is complete, however, without a great pair of shoes. Heeled booties or fringy flat boots are perfect for fall. Whether they are high or low, dressy or casual, these shoes work well with skinny jeans or leggings to elongate the gams.

Though there are a lot of styles to choose from this fall, pairing a few new pieces with last season’s styles makes transitioning from summer to fall easier. From blazers, to peplum tops and patterned material, update your style as the seasons change, with the addition of a few cute pieces into your wardrobe.

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