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  • Indie pick of the week: Holly Drummond

    Stephanie Sokol for The Pit Holly Drummond’s soft, soothing sound has been seen by some as “the female Damien Rice.” The 19-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter’s music varies from rich acoustic tracks  to lighter and more lively electronic music, as well as a plethora of song covers. “I enjoy recording vocals for EDM as it’s different and […]

  • ‘Film Nerds’ take their zeal to podcasting

    Stephanie Sokol for OU News Bureau They meet every Wednesday, watch a movie and discuss it. Unlike typical moviegoers, however, these young men share their opinions with others by taking their tradition to the Web. OU Journalism senior William Gibbs and friends Alex Murrell and Nick Blauvelt are the trio behind Midwest Film Nerds, a film […]

  • Constant connection: the psychological impact of social media

    Stephanie Sokol for OU News Bureau More people are using social media and they’re spending hours longer on those sites when they get there. Mashable reports the time spent on social media has hit 6.9 hours per month — more than double the time since 2006. And more than half of Americans have a social media […]

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