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  • Soothing Sips: Spiced Apple Cider Rooibos is the perfect autumn tea

    Stephanie Sokol for The Pit Today I finally purchased a tea I have been lusting over since its release a few weeks ago. Teavana’s Spiced Apple Cideris fall in a cup—the blend of rooibos, apple, cinnamon and clothes warms you up on a crisp, fall day. After adding about 2 tablespoons of the blend to my infuser, […]


    Stephanie Sokol for The Pit After sampling it a few dozen times as I walked by the store, I finally broke down and invested in Teavana’s most popular tea combination, Youthberry White Tea and Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea. And I have to say, I am happy with my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the store’s exchange […]


    Stephanie Sokol for The Pit There’s nothing like a cup of iced tea on a hot summer day. While many teas taste great served over ice,Celestial’s True Blueberry Herbal Tea is divine when chilled and slightly sweetened. Celestial describes the beverage as “combining herbal tea benefits with the sun-ripened flavor of real wild blueberries.” The caffeine-free […]

  • There’s a tea trend brewing among young, health conscious

            Stephanie Sokol for OU News Bureau It can be prepared in many ways, and taste is up to the brewer. Tea, the world’s second most popular beverage behind water, has soared in popularity during the past 10 years. Americans drank over 3 billion gallons of tea in 2011, 85 percent of […]

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